How To Find Dissertation Research Materials

Any student that wants to make the best out of the dissertation must be ready to research the topic question. Where can you get the materials that you need to get the best results? We shall be taking you through some of the areas where there are resources that you can count on to get the best results on offer. 

Books And Libraries

Students make the mistake of putting all their eggs into one basket. There is an avenue rich in materials in libraries and books. The print still has a big role to play in getting materials that will help in data gathering for your dissertation. There are resources in museums that can be exploited to make your dissertation stand out amid the crowded pack. 


This is another area that is considered as ancient in our digital world and there are valuable resources there if it is exploited. No matter the size of the bookshop, you are not going to be disappointed with the results that you are going to get through there.

Amazon and eBay

Away from the offline sources of gathering resources, another fertile where places loads of information that can be used for your dissertation are through Amazon and eBay where you can get resources at very cheap prices. With little research efforts; you can get books that are current and not available in libraries.

Audio-Visual Materials

If your topic is under creative subject areas, then you are going to hit gold through the resources that are available here. When you combine what you are going to get here with written sources; the end results will be magnificent.

Past Dissertations

You can look up to some universities that hold copies of past dissertations of their students. Simply get hold of copies that are in your discipline and you will be exposed to materials that you can rely on.


You can exploit your library website which provides access to loads of books, journals, and other primary sources.

Online And Print Journal

We began with the ancient and we are now concluding with the modern. No doubt we are in the digital age and virtually everything has gone digital. You cannot possibly do without the use of journal articles which are crucial in getting the best results in the dissertation. 

Some materials are produced online while some of these are printed on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis. When you draw materials from journals; it will confer on your work the viewpoint of scholars’ viewpoints into your work that can be used to add weight to your key points.

You can go to see a link to journals when you visit your library website. Simply use your title keyword to search for the materials that you needed to execute your dissertation. Make sure what you are quoting is from a quality journal; this is the more reason why you must read through any of the sources before you quote them. If the spelling and grammar are poor; it is an indication that the source cannot be trusted.

Final Take

 The list above represents the best places to draw inspiration while searching for data to execute your dissertation.