Tips & Strategies on How to Conduct Research

Are you having trouble carrying out research? Would you like to learn some pretty effective tips on how to conduct a research study? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at different strategies and tips to boost your research study skills. We shall cover tips that are applicable in so many areas. Hence yours will be a sure bet inclusive.  If you are having any trouble carrying out research, then this is an article you would not want to miss out on.

The steps of scientific research are similar to the steps of law research. A bit of aspects change but, the basics of research are almost the same in each sector. Due to this factor, it becomes easier to master this skill and utilize it efficiently.

We are living in an era that makes it easy to identify facts ad back them via different resources. The internet, for one, has a lot of information that could be useful in terms of research. However, the data in the servers does not help you as much until you find it and apply it to your work efficiently. In this article, we shall focus on how to perform incredible research and use the data effectively.

What exactly is Research?

Research is always invoked by a question. Therefore before setting out to look for answers, it is crucial to know what the questions are. With that information, you can slowly deduce answers from the things you already knew. It is like moving from the unknown to the known progressively. However, there are some factors to consider:

  1. The need for commentary or a reflection of a first-person
  2. Facts and statistics
  3. Scientific analysis
  4. History

With this information in mind, you can now set out to research the topic at hand.

Primary and Secondary Research

Research can be split into two different categories, namely secondary and primary research.

What is primary research?

Primary research is mostly on a first-person account. It can be pretty crucial when researching a local agenda that might not even have previously published content. Therefore you mostly have to start your research from scratch.

You can also make use of primary researching to confirm, supplement. You can also use it to challenge regional or national trends with information found locally. It includes:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Analysis and observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Ethnography

What is secondary research?

Students are familiar with this kind of research because it is the one most commonly used to gain information in school research papers. You have to go through other people’s published work to gain knowledge on a specific area. You then have to arrange your work in a logical and chronological manner.

Sources of information can be:

  • Governmental reports
  • Scientific, technical, and academic journal articles
  • Statistics and raw data
  • Data on pro organizations

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How to conduct research

Ask yourself

As yourself different questions and try to answer them by carrying out research. Could be what information do I have to include in my paper or, who should I question.

Focus on methodology questions

The process of research will without a doubt require a methodology, hence ask yourself which methodology is best.

Look for information

There are a lot of resources that have information that could be of much help. Some of the main places to look for an answer could be:

  • The internet
  • Library

The library and internet have a lot of material which you could utilize to carry out your research. The best part is that they are mostly free hence efficient.

Here are some common library resources that you could use:

  • Journals
  • Books
  • Databases
  • Various media

Carry out a search

Each research has specific keywords that are distinct. You can use these keywords to carry out online searches or look for content in journals. Such information could be pretty crucial for your paper.


Conducting research is not an easy feat. However, if you follow all the guidelines provided in this article, you will find the process less of a hassle.

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