The Best Topics for Your Marketing Research Paper

As a marketing student, you may find your studies all fun and exciting until the point in time when your professor gives prompts for a research paper you have never liked doing. You get yourself stuck with nothing to write at such a time, and you need help to find a topic for your research. Worry not as such an article is meant for you to teach you how to choose a topic and how to write research paper more easily. It provides the marketing research paper topics you seek to develop your research topic. You can adopt them as they are or modify them to be based on your preference.

Internet marketing research topic options

Internet marketing has become the trend for businesses seeking comprehensive market coverage and influence over competitors. Some of the best marketing research topics to consider in internet marketing include the following;

  • Investigating the impact of internet marketing on organizational sales.
  • Impact of mobile marketing on business operations.
  • The effectiveness of modern and traditional marketing strategies on business operations.
  • The importance of competitor analysis in determining the success of the business in marketing its products and services.

Consumer behavior research topic options

When it comes to marketing, consumer behavior is vital to determine whether your products and services will sell. Here is a list of marketing research topics focusing on consumer behavior that you can draw aspiration from.

  • Importance of consumer behavior analysis when implementing a business global expansion strategy.
  • The effects of ads on consumer behavior.
  • Effects of online marketing on sales of international and local companies.
  • The effectiveness of loyalty programs on consumer behavior.
  • Does having a well-known brand mean high-quality production?

Distribution research topis options

A distribution network is vital to any business, no matter the growth stage of the company. Here is a list of marketing research topics focusing on distribution operations that can be a source of your research topic.

  • The effect of marketing research on the sales of the business.
  • Impact of modern business marketing tactics on business performance.
  • The effects of brand manipulation tactics on customer loyalty and retention.
  • Importance of market segmentation on the profitability of the business.
  • Consequences of new distribution channels on organization’s performance.

Other research topics that are general to marketing can focus on;

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of global marketing on the success of a business.
  • The implication of impulse buying on sales.
  • New marketing strategies that influence entry into international markets.
  • The ethics of advertising and effects on young children and adolescents.

Marketing expert’s assistance

Choosing a research topic may be difficult, but it gets more challenging when writing a thesis paper. Your choice of topic will significantly influence your writing journey. If you are stuck, seek assistance from marketing experts to help in writing your research paper. Often you may be driven by the need to get better results, or you have a tight deadline for all your assignments in seeking help from experts. However, you should develop your writing skills and research skills by taking it as a challenge to write that paper that the whole class does not like doing.


Choosing the best topic for your marketing research paper is vital and critical in determining how easy you will get to write your paper to completion. If you are stuck on deciding a topic, seek help from your supervisor once you have a list of marketing research topics that you find most interesting. From consultation with the supervisor, you will be able to settle on a particular topic.  Writing the paper and conducting research can be time-consuming and will require you to discipline yourself and stick to your schedule to get tasks done. Have set deadlines and work plans to enable you to transition from one section of your paper to another smoothly. Stay motivated and positive throughout the writing process, with occasional rewards for the accomplishment you make each day. Follow the structure requirements, formatting, and citation styles, plus all guidelines provided in developing the marketing research paper that is original, unique, and impressive to your supervisor and faculty members. Wish you the best of luck.

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