How To Write An Appealing Dissertation Proposal

When students are asked to undertake the process of writing a dissertation proposal; they usually have a lot of butterflies flying in their stomachs. Several questions on how to make the best out of the situation will contend with their thought processes. We have you covered on the tricks to apply which will surely deliver the best results who are after an excellent proposal. 

Dissertation Proposal? What Is It? 

First, a dissertation is a long piece of writing that contains several chapters put together. The student is saddled with the role of determining the topic of choice. You are to choose your dissertation topic and go on to formulate the dissertation question. This is where the dissertation proposal comes into play. 

The proposal will cover the research question and what you intend to do in having it executed. You have to put in your best to give a proposal that has everything in the dissertation well covered so as to avoid harsh criticisms of your work by those saddled with the responsibility of reviewing the work.

There are several sections contained in the dissertation proposal; the sections include:

  • The Introduction
  • The main body which consists of:
  • A Methodology of approach
  • The Aims and objectives of the dissertation
  • The Literature review
  • Research Limitations
  • The Ethical considerations
  • Timeframe allowed
  • The Mini-conclusion 

When you are done with writing your proposal, a meeting with your supervisor should be scheduled to discuss the proposal. You can then make amendments based on the review of the proposal by your supervisor.

What Makes The Proposal Important?

It is the template that students need to prepare them for the dissertation writing process. A well laid out proposal will make the actual work of writing the proposal very easy. The proposal should be very flexible; a rigid proposal will not lead students to the desired goal of achieving a dissertation that will appeal to the readers.

You must adhere strictly to your university‚Äôs regulations and work closely with your supervisor in other to achieve the best results. Make a list of all your sources during the course of the research and include all in your bibliography. 

Read And Select Your Topic

Deciding on a particular topic for a dissertation is not as easy as many people take it to be. Make sure you read around the subject area before choosing a topic. Go through all you have been through in class in the past with the aim of identifying a topic that you are most interested in. All the publications that you have used should be noted.

Putting Pen To Paper 

Your proposal should be well structured. The proposal will begin with an introduction. The main body follows and it will contain the following subtopics:

  • Methodology

  • Aims and objectives

  • The literature review

  • Limitations

  • Ethical considerations

  • Timeframe

It is not mandatory to include a conclusion in your proposal. It might, however, be included so as to end the proposal.

Final Take

The above tips are what every scholar needed to make the desired headway in writing a splendid proposal that counts.

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